Thursday, 7 August 2014

Fractions of Hexagons

fraction of a hexLovely Pigeon’s fondness for geometric shapes had developed into pure addoration of triangles, which you will come to love as  fractions of hexagons after a wonder through her latest jewelery collection.  This is a journey through shapes in bright, bold coloured formica, paired with super shiny copper, brass and the occasional offering of soft grey for the more minimal outfit.  A geometry lesson for the sohpisticated magpie eye.

hexbrooch2_150Copper and Formica Hexagon brooch £12

tribroochgroup_150Copper and Formica Fraction brooch £12.

grouphex2_150_1Copper and Formica Hexagon earrings £20

grouptriear_150_1Copper and Formica Fraction earrings £20


Brass and Formica Hexagon brooch £12


Brass and Formica Fraction brooch £12grouphex1_150_1

Brass and Formica Hexagon earrings £20

The Lovely Pigeon lives and works in Fife, Scotland where all her jewelery is made by hand.

Fractions of Hexagons

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