Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Edinburgh inspired artworks


The historic Grassmarket has proven an enticing subject for many of our Illustrators and artists, above you’ll see Susie Wright’s screenprint and below Eilidh Muldoon’s digital print, both of whom have a larger range of Edinburgh inspired artworks.  It is interesting to see how differently two artists treat similar subjects, so we’ve pulled together a few other local talents to shine a spotlight on this beautiful, Festival filled city of ours.EM_GrassmarketPubsThe bustling Grassmarket is a home to a fabulous mix of shops, cafes, pubs and the weekend market sees the location being used as intended with stall holders selling their wares come rain or shine.  Well worth a wonder through if you are in town.auldreekieedinburgh

Above is Heather More’s interpretation of the Edinburgh Skyline, clearly composed to highlight The Scot Monument, Edinburgh castle and a few famous Fringe venues too.  Heather has captured Edinburgh as you find it today, a little dreich, good “Auld Reekie”.Mile Long Street

Above is Libby Walker’s excellent black and white digital print titled “Mile Long Street”.  While the title of this piece is suggestive of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, the details, shops and places shown are not all to be found on this famous street.  The Red Door Gallery is in there and we are very happy here on Victoria Street.  What Libby’s print shows, is a route taken wondering around the old town, choosing her favourite spots to pop in along the way.  The layered up composition is reminiscent of our higgledy-piggledy streets which loop up and over in a charming, yet often confusing way.  Kites-Over-the-Crags-1SQ-510x510David Fleck’s “Kites Over the Crags” is his newest addition to his array of Edinburgh prints.  The textures created in this print add to the atmosphere of Edinburgh, once again creating a dreich feel to the city, enhanced by the cheery kites, making the most of the busteling breeze.Blue Edinburgh

KM_skyine_edinburghJust when you think Edinburgh is all greys, along comes Kate Mclelland to remind you there is plenty of colour in this town!  Blues of the sky in summer, the bright greens of our many gardens and the odd splash of fireworks too, espcially at this time of year!

Our special selection of Edinburgh and Scottish themed art works can be found here.

Edinburgh inspired artworks

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