Thursday, 17 July 2014

Victoria Street's cool, officially!

filename_ext_2971010kNot that our beautiful Red Door Gallery made it into the photo frame, but we’re pleased to see that lovely Victoria Street has made it into ‘British 20 Coolest Streets’ in the  Telegraph last weekend!  This means Victoria Street’s cool, officially!

““Victoria Street is just a stone’s throw from the Royal Mile and probably the most picturesque location in the city,” says Edward Douglas-Home of Knight Frank Edinburgh. “It is a quirky, traditional cobbled street, with hanging baskets and colourful exteriors.” As well as a wealth of shops, bars and restaurants, there is the Underbelly, one of the main venues during the Festival.”

new red door Our newly painted and florwer-afied  Red Door Shop front is looking super inviting too, we hope you enjoy the view.  Thanks to the greater grassmarket for their help with this venture, look out for photos of our revamp coming to our blog soon, and perhaps to a local newspaper too!

Victoria Street's cool, officially!

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