Sunday, 15 June 2014

Father's Day Illustration Competition ( #illustration )


For an dash of free fun on Father’s day, why not enter our Illustration Compeition?

1)      Choose a part of a bicycle that you can cleverly substitute for an every-day object to represent it (you can use Rebecca Kaye’s “Compendium” print for inspiration!)

2)      Draw your idea on a piece of card 5 inches x 2.5 inches (12.5cm x 6.25 cm)

3)      Take a photo of your design and tweet it to @RedDoor_Gallery, Post it on The Red Door Gallery Facebook Page or tag RedDoor_Gallery on Instagram #SpokeCardComp.

4)      Our resident artist ‘Rebecca Kaye’ will pick a winner to be announced via our twitter and facebook pages

5)      The Prize – a copy of Rebecca Kaye’s ‘Compendium’ print

Like our The Red Door Gallery facebook page or follow us on ‘@RedDoor_Gallery’ on twitter to find out if you’re the lucky winner.

When you are all finished, use the card on your bike as a spoke card!


Above you can see some previous entrants to this competition which we ran in May  – think you can do any better?


Above, from left to right you can see:

1.  A Bike Bell / Door Bell

2.  A Bike Frame / Picture Frame

3.  A Front Wheel Bike Fork / A Fork You Eat With (if your house trained)

4.  A Bike Chain Cassette / A Tape Casette You Listen To Music With (if your old enough to know how)

5.  A Bike Handle Bar / A Handle Bar Moustache

6. Seat / Amazing Seat

7.  A Banna – Fuel for the cyclist / Petrol Pump – Fuel for automobiles

8.  Pump / Pump

9.  Headset / Headset

10. Lamp / Lamp

Happy doodling and Happy Father’s Day to all of your Dad’s.


Father's Day Illustration Competition ( #illustration )

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