Sunday, 4 May 2014

#SaturdaySuperstars : @BonnieBling @KenrisMacLeod @bettyandwalter #localsguide #edinburgh # glasgow


Och Aye, welcome to Bonnie Ecosse!  Fancy wearing your favourite Scottish words as jewelery?  Well now you can! Fresh in from Bonnie Bling, we are just so taken with the delightul fonts and blinging chains that we needed to share them with you straight away!

If you’ve had your eyes on our Twitter feed or Facebook page you will be aware that our Local’s Guides to Edinburgh is back in stock (featuring The Red Door Gallery, but of course!) and the terribly exciting *new* local’s guide to Glasgow.  Both books are just ham packed with the places locals love so have a peep here to learn more!

Also recently into the gallery is the innovitive purse and clutch from Betty and walter.  Love the fabric design, clip fastening and the super secret zip base to keep your bank cards separate from your change – genious!

Kenris Macloud’s new “pop-up” cushion has just been hand delivered from her Edinburgh sewing table.  A couple are hiding inside the leaves.  An extra detail in an impecibly crafted cushion.

#SaturdaySuperstars : @BonnieBling @KenrisMacLeod @bettyandwalter #localsguide #edinburgh # glasgow

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