Saturday, 24 May 2014

#FridayFavourites featuring @andysmithdraws @aekido @humilitweet @bonnie_bling


 It’s been a great week at the Red Door Gallery! So many exciting new works to share with you over the next few #fridayfavourites

This week we’ve gone a little type crazy with new typographic works in from Andy Smith and Levi Bunyan as well as Tshirts from Humili.T and Jewellery from Bonnie Bling.

We love the new Typogrphic Screen Prints that have arrived from Andy Smith, You can see some of  his collection on our website with more to be added soon. His full collection is in our Bricks and Mortar Gallery on Victoria Street.

We also have new Type based work in from Levi Buyan, all prints are based round the Doric dialect in his native Aberdeen. All the prints in Levi’s collection are available in the gallery and soon to appear in our online shop. You can send us an enquiry if you’re interested in Levis work.

Fab new jewellery from the lovely Bonnie Bling. We love their Scot’s Slang necklaces and Brooches. Have you got a ‘BigPal’ that would love one of their necklace?

Wear your Dorkiness with pride in a T.Shirt from Humili.T. We have a great selection of Tshirts, Mugs and Badges.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks Friday Favourites.

Do stop by our gallery to see all the exciting new work from our artists.

#FridayFavourites featuring @andysmithdraws @aekido @humilitweet @bonnie_bling

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