Saturday, 12 April 2014

#SaturdaySuperstars Pop Up Dress Up Fun Returns Today! #EdinStyle @GrassmarketEdin

RedDoorGallery Sat 12-04-2014ANOTHER saturday Pop Up Dress Up Shop is happening today in the Grassmarket Comunity Centre with This Is Edinburgh!  Head along today to have your look professionaly styalised using a range of goodies from your favourite Grassmarket Indie Shops! Once your jazzy new image is sorted, there is a professional photographer on hand to capture your stylish self for you to cherish and share!   Above is a wee selection of this Saturday’s favourite treats.  Have a peep on Facebook and Twitter #EdinStyle for photos of the day.  Show us your snaps please!

View the Kate Sheridan Spring / Summer 2014 collection here.

Have a peep at our necklaces here.

See our embroidary pieces here.

#SaturdaySuperstars Pop Up Dress Up Fun Returns Today! #EdinStyle @GrassmarketEdin

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