Saturday, 29 March 2014

Have your look stylised and snapped today @GrassmarketEdin @caitlinclem #edinstyle #EdinNow

SQ-26-03-14 Edinburgh Now CMCC Caitlin Clements fashion

From Saturday March 29 to April 19, Style in the City are running Dress-Up shops in different locations across Edinburgh and today see’s the first one open around the corner from us in The Grassmarket Community Center.  Here at The Red Door Gallery we LOVE a bit of dressing up fun, so we have lent a range of our jewelery and bags to the stylization wardrobe.

The article above was published last week by Caitlin Clements in Edinburgh Now and look at our Red Doors!  She sums the event up perfectly!  “The idea is, once you have bought a new Spring outfit, drop in to one of the Dress-Up shops and a team of stylists will help you accessorise your new purchase – better yet the accessories will be on hand at each event. A photographer will then snap the finished outfit, giving you a keepsake of the day”.  A mother’s day treat perhaps?  The earrings featured in the article are available here, by Lovely Pigeon.

This event is free of charge, so you will have to scoot along after visiting The Red Door or any of the other wonderful boutiques in the area.

More information is available at and all our Jewellery is available here and our bags are available here.

Please tweet us a snap of you wearing our jewellery to @RedDoor_Gallery

Have your look stylised and snapped today @GrassmarketEdin @caitlinclem #edinstyle #EdinNow

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