Thursday, 21 November 2013

Self Portrait Badge Making at RBS Museum Lates - Photos Of You all!

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Our latest craft event at The National Museum of Scotland saw hundreds of happy doodlers posing for their self portrait which was then personalized with pencils, glitter and stickers…



… and finally stamped down into a wearable Self Portrait.  Perfect for parties, or as a generous gift of your face, for a loved one.  This idea was based on the tradition of miniature portraits which were often given as a token of love or respect during Mary, Queen of Scots era.  As usual, The Red Door Gallery team was in place with a Pop Up exhibition featuring inspirational art work, most importantly Mary, Queen of Scots by Patricio Belcampo which was created in response to the Mary exhibition NMS.


If you were there, we’d love to see some photos of your finished badges!  Please pop on over to our Facebook page where we have uploaded some more of your photos from the evening.  Happy tagging!


A huge thanks to everyone who got involved with this event, and of course to the whole Museum Team for supporting us – a special thanks Craig and Leanne!

The Red Door Gallery is always keen to spread crafting fun, so please email if we can bring a crafting workshop to your event.  We can cater for small groups or large crowds.

Self Portrait Badge Making at RBS Museum Lates - Photos Of You all!

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