Friday, 19 July 2013

Tommy Perman T-shirt designs for Oddities

Great design, wearable art and a guessing game all in one T-shirt.  It really would be rude not to snap up one of the newest additions to the (also Edinburgh based) "Oddities" Guest Artist Range by Tommy Perman.  They are just £30 a pop and there are further designs to choose from.  To see the collection click here.  

Tommy has created the featured, intricate pattern, from the component parts of his drawings.  The game here is to see if you can guess the urban item from it's exploded view.  The answer is shown on the reverse, giving the wearer ample opportunity to walk backwards, as the back of this shirt is every bit as interesting as the front.

Edinburgh based Tommy Perman's exhibition "Leith in Black and Red" is not long finished here in The Red Door Gallery, indeed we are still exhibiting the unframed prints in our browsers, so pop on by or clickty-click here to view his prints and skateboard designs.

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