Wednesday, 26 June 2013

New Orleans print collection!

Inspired by a sign in the "Spotted Cat" on Frenchman, there will be no drinks or drunks on the piano!
Woah There Pickle is one of The Red Door Gallery's newist recruits, and we just love these joy filled prints.  Created after a visit to New Orleans, this print is  part of a series the artist made celebrating her love of the city. The artist has wittily incorporated some of the idiocyncratic sayings, phrases and motifs that capture the unique spirit and characteristics of this inspirational city.  View the whole collection online here.
Woah There Pickle AKA Vicky Day lives and works in Brighton by the seaside. Having studied Graphic Design at university, Vicky’s passion for print and printmaking lead her to create these beautifully produced works, crafted from a hand-cut, then inked and printed piece of print-maker’s lino.

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