Friday, 14 June 2013

We are open Today, Sat & Sun for last minute Dad's day gifts!

Dachshund Dad

Best Dad

Our Father's Day Card selection has proven rather popular this year, but we still have some left for you last minute card hunters, including a rather fetching tape card (below) which is only available in our Bricks and Mortar Gallery, for all you local kids. Text along the bottom reads "Happy Father's Day!". All £3 and plenty more area available too.

Unless you have had your Father's Day gift sorted for the last month (like we all have here in the Red Door - perk of the job!) you might be keeping your beedy eye out for a last minute treat, so here's a wee selection of goodies that yer pa might enjoy!

 Simon & Garfunkel Paper Doll          Paper Clock

Simon & Garfunkel Paper Doll Book £7.50              Letter Pressed Paper Wall Clock £18

Salsa ClassesTimeshare Opportunity

Slasa Classes screenprint £35                                            Time Share digiprint £20

As always, give us a call on 01314773255 if you have any questions or queeries!

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