Saturday, 25 May 2013

Marathon Bar or Hanna Melin Trainers Print, which would you prefer?

We should probably be embarassed that our first association with The Edinburgh Marathon is this retro chocolate bar.  It emphasises the high ranking prioity of chocolate in our estime, but then that's the beauty of running, all you really need is food, water and the right set of trainers and your off!

If you rate running, perhpas you'd rather have a peep at the route the runners will be taking tomorrow rather than staring at a crumpled up wrapper!  Have a peep below:

Starting just down the Royal Mile from us at Holyrood Park, the route twists and winds all the way out tthrough Londnidrey to Gossford House... and back again to Mussleburgh.  Its a long way alright, a Marathon some might say.  So much respect for anyone even atempting this uber event!

If your looking for a wee prize for a marathon runner, we'd reccomend Hanna Melin's Trainer print, £10, much better than an empty chocolate bar, right?

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