Friday, 10 May 2013

Dreamy Tunes She And Him Volume 3

We are big fans of She and Him in the gallery so we were very happy to hear that Volume 3 was upon us!!
Volume 1 & 2 frequents many of our playlists here in the gallery as well as at home.
The wonders of technology means we get to hear Volume 3 on Spotify before its official release here in the UK on May the 14th. You can be sure that we'll be down the record store on release date, nothing beats getting your hands on a brand new cd or vinyl, maybe we're showing our age, but you can't beat a rummage in your local independent record store!!
Their new album is the perfect sunny pop record, full of dreamy vocals that you come to expect from Zoe Deschanel!
Deschanel wrote 11 of the 14 tracks in between the filming for her hit sitcom New Girl.
She's one talented and let's not forget super stylish girl!
Here's their retro cool video for In The Sun, poking fun at High School Musicalesque pop videos!

We hope you enjoy the new album as much as we do

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