Monday, 29 April 2013

New Artist on our Radar - Alice Tait @alicetaitdaily

It's always exciting when a new artist comes on the Red Door Gallery radar!!
We are happy to welcome Alice Tait in to our gallery space with her wonderful cheery litho prints.
Alice has worked with an array of dream clients including Chanel,Vogue and Jamie Oliver to name but a few.
She has taken on the task of a drawing a day for over a year now which can be seen on her blog an Illustrated Life of Alice Tait. She has some wonderful drawings up there.
If Alice wasn't busy enough, she also finds time to teach Illustration at Saint Martins.
You can buy a selection of her prints up on our website here  or stop by the gallery to see them in their full glory!!
Our personal favourite is the Illustrated World Map below
There will be lots more to come from this talented illustrator.

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