Saturday, 9 March 2013

International Women's Day - some highlights form our friends #IWD

We have rather enjoyed the furious posting International Women's Day has inspired in our femanist friends and collegues over the last 24 hours, so we decided to share our favourites with you here in one place.
Above is an excert from the Muppet Show, perhaps inspiration for the next generation, but perhaps some of you were raised on it!

There was a protest held in Glasgow on IWD designed to rid the Glasgow University Campus of accepted and ingraned gender discrepencies.  It's not just Glasgow University who are in the spotlight though, this should be taken as a  to us all.  For more information read this great article in the Huffington Post.

The Guardian published this interactive map showing the global prgression of Votes for Women, a real eye opener highlighting how far we've come, and how suprizingly recent a lot of the changes are.  Still room for improvement!

However you spent March 9th, I hope it gave you all time for reflection and focus for the future.

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