Sunday, 23 September 2012

Look Who's Popped Up In Our Window

These cute little Hedgehogs and Leveret Hares are the work of local glass artist Rachel Elliot.
Rachel has been working with glass since 2000 when she attended an evening class in leaded stained glass. She has since gone on to study at Edinburgh College of Art, Graduating in 2007 with a degree in Applied Arts: Architectural Glass.
In 2009 she took the plunge and set up her own glass studio. From here she makes all her Comissions, Sculptures, Giftware and teaches glass making classes. She's one busy lady.
Here's Rachel busy working away in her studio.

Our favourite little guy is the Autum Hedgehog. 
If you're local to Edinburgh then you must come and check these little guys hanging out in our window.
Those unfortunate not to be local can buy her Leveret Hares on our website.

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