Saturday, 16 June 2012

#Father'sDay Last minute gift ideas!

Here you go, a last minute gift for  yer pa!  From the top we have Alison Hardcastle's DAD card, £3 a screen printed treat handmade by the font queen herself), moving onto the King of Slogans - Andy Smith's 'I Pretend To Work' a £50, limited edition screenprint which has been varnished to create a stunning finish.

If your father's a foodie, perhaps he would enjoy our our Fish Recipe post card pack from Wit Shop at £8 or a tea-towel which beautifully and clearly explains which fish to eat in which month as designed by Stuart Gardiner, £11.50.

And the literary chappie might fancy a wee peep at Ammo Magazine's latest edition - a look at the Monochrome illustrations for £8, while the techno-geek pa would be pleased as punch with his Susiemaroon hand made, eco friendly Kindle Case £40.

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