Thursday, 31 May 2012

Looky here, it's the Colouring In Competition Winner chosen by @robbieporter #rbsmuseumlates #artwonderland

Tonnes of you put pencil to paper to finish these Robbie Porter designs off in a hotly contested bid to win our fabulous prize - a £50 voucher for The Red Door Gallery - Ooohhh!!!  

Robbie himself popped round one very sunny day last week to sift through the (rather daunting) stack of colouring in entries.  It has to be said how much restraint he showed by not looking at the names on the reverse before choosing the winners - so this decision was based purely on the colour work carried out, and some of your designs had us in stitches, who new the very lovely Alice could be so rude! 

The original intention was to have a winner and 2 runners up, but that soon went out the window!  Above is a montage of a special 6 which made choosing the top 3 particularly troublesome.

Left to right, large then small
Liza Vietze, Cameron Duguid, Elizabeth Bernstein, Matthew Swan, Sarah Beatie and... Anonymous.  

As with some great artworks, the mastermind behind the fire-breathing frog neglected to sign their artwork, do you know whose this was?  If so, let us know!

So, without further delay, on to our Runners Up, followed by the winner...

 2nd Runner Up...  The Pool of Tears by Matthew Swan

1st Runner Up We Are All Mad Here By Elizabeth Bernstein


Congratulations Kirstin!  Robbie was very taken with your Radio Active Dinosaur and additions to the blank spaces within the page.  We hope you enjoy your prize of a £50 for The Red Door Gallery.

If your wondering what Robbie's version of these black and white prints are like in their rendered state, we will be publishing them tomorrow.

If you'd like to have a go we still have some copies left - waste not want not eh! Some of our Red Door  regulars already have!  The top prize has gone, but you might be in time to win a code for a mystery 10% discount date as all our other entrants received... just so you know...

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Elizabeth said...

Wow, what a surprise! I somehow missed the email from 31 May that says I was 1st runner up with my candy striper Alice. :)
However, I must say that the other colouring sheet attributed to me is a mistake...unless there was another Elizabeth Bernstein there at the museum that night. Now *that* would be an impossible thing for me to believe, before or after breakfast! :) Cheers!