Sunday, 19 February 2012

Late Valentine? We Heart The List

We  have had a lot to shout about over the last couple of weeks and The List Magazine seems to agree with us!  The wise and well read out there will already have Feburary's copy, and yes we are a little tardy in telling you about the fantastic Valentine's spread they did... but well better late than never!  In amongst other top treats you will find Zena's Yes/No decision maker necklace £18, Stuart Gardiner's Love/Hate oven Mit £16 or £25 the pair, Andy Smith's 'Lonely Goldfish' limited edition Screen print £50, Mengsel's 'Hello' lmited edition screen print £40 and the pun-tastic collection of cards fresh from Full Fat Cards.... rumour has it The Guardian has also been shouting about Full Fat Cards, so they are now even more firmly on our One To Watch List... oh yes we have one, we do.
If your Valentine let you down or your just a little late like us... drop us an email and we'll stop, wrap and post on demand.

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