Friday, 20 January 2012

So the question today is this, what do you love most, food, wine or Elle Decco?  It is a pretty tough call but this blog post covers them all.  This month's Elle Decco features a wee shout out to Stuart Gardinier's Wine paring teatowels which help you ensure always to have the best wine with your dinner. Like all of his products, this teatowel combines a functioning object with beautiful design, a hint of education and a dash of humour. 

If you love a good chart then this is right up your street, there is one to help you organise your Wild Foods, Fruit & Veg, Flowers and Seafood into seasons.  We have had Stuart's Seasonal Produce collection in our window for most of January and they are just causing so much delight.  From forragers of wild foods to members of Hugh's Fish Fight, there is something for everyone, although we don't sell Elle Decco we are more than happy to browse through a copy if you bring one in!

email to reserve your organic teatowel (from £11.50) as they are racing out the door.

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