Friday, 6 January 2012

I Hexagon Blockbusters

Well, how could you not love Blockbusters?  Presented by the entertainment legend Bob Holness who has sadly died at the grand age of 83.  There must be a lot of you out there who remember the tedium of a day off school sick being rescued by the bright lights of the Blockbusters honeycomb game board - it was all so high tech!  Would you believe it was among the very first day time quiz shows which ran for a decade, that's over 1,200 shows! 

The other fact we are particularly fond of, is that Bob was the second actor to play James Bond, cast as the super smooth spy in a 1956 Radio adaptation of MoonRaker - someone better tell the good people at Trivial Pursuit!

We Hexagon Blockbusters, Bob Holness and Louis Hudson for his great design above.

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