Friday, 5 August 2011

The festival is in Edinburgh and the circus has come to The Red Door Gallery!
Designer and illustrator, Kirsty Thomas (Lovely Pigeon) has created a fantastic circus themed display for our two windows. Kirsty has just launched a brand new playkit which is sure to raise a smile and entice big and small kids to get creative. The circus kit includes all your favourite characters to cut out, colour in, slot together and play... Meet The Ringmaster, Bearded Lady, Tiny Tiny Elephant, Bespectacled Bear, Mr and Mrs Acrobat and many more. Lovely Pigeon was inspired by her love of handlebar moustaches, clever animals and monochrome pattern to create this entertaining little playkit.
We also have new work by Seymour, Astrid Jaekel, TattyDevine and many more!


Collins said...

Oh...that is just precious!

Annarack said...

Really lovely display......I'm coming to your shop in about a month and bit's time. Cannot wait to see all your new goods. Did you by chance get my bear scarves in the post? I sent them a while back.

Kate Thornton said...

Just marvelous! Love it!