Monday, 18 April 2011

Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush

Dizzying Heights at Obscurio

Withering Heights
While we were hanging the new Spring window last week, the conversation turned to Kate Bush (as it does) and Claire Sawers reminded us of Alan Partridge's storming send up from way back when.  We had a great time assembling our May Pole with Claire's help and promise to pop up a couple of pictures as soon as possible.

This post has been resting in The Red Door Gallery blog vault for a couple of days now, due to a much needed break in The Big Smoke and our naughty computer having a little temper tantrum.  Hopefully Kate will keep you entertained until I can process my snaps from the weekend in London town, you lucky people!  

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Annarack said...

She is one of my style icons. I always listen to her music. I think her best song is...'Running up that hill'. Pure genius. Thank you for posting this.