Saturday, 23 April 2011

Martin The Golden Sun Bear

Martin arrived at The Red Door about a month ago now. He was a little shy to begin with but over the last few weeks we have really seen him emerge from behind his woolly scarves. Martin works in the Gallery five days a week and likes to spend his days off exploring his new city. 
Martin is certainly proving to be a very popular young bear. We have already received four beautiful handmade scarves to keep his furry neck warm, two of which arrived through the post in a parcel simply addressed to 'Martin'. The other two were delivered in person to The Red Door by the very talented Madeleine Shepherd
Last Tuesday a young lady visited The Red Door purely to see our handsome new employee. During their conversation I do believe I saw his golden cheeks turn a bashful shade of pink. Poor little Martin spent the rest of his week gazing longingly through the Gallery windows and doodling in his Little Otsu Journal. Oh dear...

Martin wearing a scarf made by his creator, Regina of Every Eskimo
Martin arrives at The Red Door
Martin's Documentation - birth certificate, visa, family photos.
Martin modelling two scarves made by Photographic and Fibre Artist Madeleine Shepherd. 
 Thank you so much Madeleine, he looks incredibly dapper!

More photos of Martin's growing scarf collection coming soon...


Annarack said...

He looks so darn cute in his tiny scarfs.

MadeleineS said...

welcome to Edinburgh, Martin. The felt scarves look a little bit big but you'll need them in the winter!

Anonymous said...

oh Martin - i don't suppose he picked up an i heart italia shirt, did he? After all, he did get quite touristy.