Monday, 25 April 2011

If you were lucky enough to have someone bring you a cup of tea this morning, then you may be feeling the same amount of love for the ail curing beverage as I am.  This picture by the marvellous Sophie Elm conjures up just the right amount of elegant splendour that the Special Brew deserves.  It was, in fact my sister who saved the day this morning with her heart warming PG Tips.  Can you believe she was waiting for me outside The Red Door Gallery, before I started work with a cuppa tea and a banana?  What a cheeky monkey! 

 This is FOUND covering Eye's so Bright by Carte Le Bon - it's about sisters, of sorts and I'm going to try and lay down a law here, a blog law.  If you read this post and have the chance today, then please pass on the cup-o-love, be someone's sister and make their day the tea filled way! 

If you are feeling a little more generous you could always invite them over to your house tonight and listen to FOUND on the wireless (with Marc Riley on BBC Radio 6 ) AND buy them a copy of Jeff Josaphine's £22 print, but really a cuppa tea will do nicely. 
By Nicky.

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