Monday, 14 February 2011



Love Valentine's Day, Hate Valentine's day... or just think it's kinda tacky?  We have had a great day here at The Red Door Gallery.... what's wrong with a little bit of the right kind of tack?  Or a little bit of cheese?  And who could say no to one of Wooden Tree's New brooches in celebration of The Love?  For all the great works that our artists and makers have created for today...we send St. Valentine his very own Thankyou card... Ta Muchly and Happy Valentine's Day.

Cheese... available a few doors up from us on Victoria Street at Ian Mellis
I Only Have Eyes For You, spec case by Susie Maroon £15
Artic Fox and Heart Badges by Wooden Tree  £6 / £9
Josiah Cup by Katy West  £15
Heart Badges by Xiao Chang  £8
Chanel by Ros Shiers  £25
Love / Hate tote by Ros Shiers £9

All available through our online shop (except the cheese)
or drop us an email with your requests

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