Tuesday, 25 January 2011

We Slick gallery galls are all a panic - it is almost time to turn off our lights and we have yet to mark this year's Burn's Night... which is tonight... oh the best laid plans... 
Thankfully, the Tremendous Bettie's over at Finch and Fouracre have created some supremely limited edition Tartan Tenements.  which are their tribute to Burns himself. They are the perfect table centre, talking piece AND game to go along side your ode to a haggis... or at only 17 cm high you could well find yourself building "a wee-bit hoosie" for Burns' little lost mouse. 

We are rather fond of the re-conditioned tenement, as some of you will remember from our Half Way Home exhibition last year.  The tartan house can be yours for a mere £25 and will be one of only 30 ever to be made. 

We hope you all have a joy filled Burn's Supper, that your haggis is fresh, your clapshot is creamy and your whiskey glass charged, but if your plans go askew... you can always build a wee hoose!

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