Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Scotland's original art road show The Traveling Gallery, is currently winding it's way through the highlands, taking contemporary graphic art to the main cities and harder to reach communities who may not otherwise have the opportunity to see what The National Galleries of Scotland is up to!  With an emphasis on education and workshops, check their website for a list of pit stops and events.

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery has teamed up with this great art bus to present a mobile follow-up to their highly successful exhibition of 2009, Rough Cut Nation.  Titled Impossible Nation, the participating artists include some of The Red Door Gallery's favorites such as Kirsty Whiten and Mike Inglis along side the equally tallented Richard Riach, Andy MacVicar, Fraser Gray, Martin McGuinness, Pete Martin and Rabiya Choudry. Together, they installed their representations of contemproary of Scottish Culture, with a nod to historical Scottish tradition and art forms.  The walls, ceeling and floor have been spray-painted, drawn on, pasted up and projected onto, transforming the space into one complete work, contributed to by many a-hand.
 Here in The Red Door Gallery, we are lucky enough to have some of Kirsty Whiton and Mike Inglis works.  We even have a few printed copies of the entertaing and thought provoking re-interpretaion of a Scottish Crest which Kirsty Whiten desingned and installed on the floor of The Travelling Gallery!  This A3 print is available for £75 and is limited to an edition of 30.... so get in quick!

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