Friday, 23 April 2010

Want to feel like a giant today? Then pop in to our Shop on Victoria Street and pick up a pack of Anthony Zinonos new Mini DIY Collage kits... that's right paper fans... just like his DIY Collage Kits, but now they fit in the palm of your hand, your back pocket or a small envelope and are suitable for any travel / collage emergency! Each pack is tantalisingly packed with vintage stamps, images and paraphernalia so no two can ever be the same. To experience the ultimate hit, we recommend holding a standard size packet (for as long as you can bear without ripping into it) and then picking up the cute mini version, your stride will become longer, your gait lighter and your hat more jaunty.... all this joy before you've laid paper to paper and a snip at only £6 or the mini price of £2.50 - We really are too kind!

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babalisme said...

Oh it's too cute !