Friday, 16 April 2010

Today sees the launch of Glasgow International 2010, the two weeks out of the year when Glasgow celebrates is vibrant arts community by hosting events and exhibitions in venues varying from Studio's to major Museums. This year, Joseph Beuys' paper works are being shown under the impressive Artist Rooms Project at the Hunterian, along side other relevant pieces, such as Andy Warhol's portrait of Beuys (shown above).

The Common Guild is hosting a photography exhibition intriguingly titled Images or Shadows of Devine Things (image above). A black and white body of work by Gerald Bryne demonstrating the constant presence of the past. Bryne has also been commissioned by GI to produce a film titled A Thing is a Hole in a Thing it is not - a bit of a tongue twister! It will be shown at the GI hub, and promises to be an ambitious and challenging investigation into the ideals of Minimalism.

If all this is getting a bit to heavy, then there is always the Glasgow Beer And Pub Project, where you can brew your own in the surroundings of the Market Gallery, with the chance of having your pint left on a plinth for all to muse! For full listings have a peep here.

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