Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ahhh Bristol... not at it's finest weather wise last week, but if was definitely worth braving the four seasons of one day to have a peep in the inspirational Snap Studio. Home to 8 of Bristol's Finest print-based artists and designers, the Snap Collective are pooling their talent resource to help support each other in the ever changing business of being an artist. Teamwork seems to be working for them if their beautiful gallery space and thriving studios are anything to go by! They are based just off the intriguingly named Christmas Steps, and have a lot to offer to the great Joe Public, including exhibitions, classes and workshops. If you can't make it to see their current Paul Farrell exhibition, never fear... we have a myriad of his and SNAP resident Freya Cumming's delightful works gracing our walls at the moment... but the next time you're in Bristol, add Snap to the Tour list.

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