Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Hurrah! Now we are officially wearing British Summer Time (it's still raining but we will glide over that) and 2010 is offering us a fairly early Easter. Surely we must devote the first run of light evenings to musing over a 6 pack of freshly boiled eggs a tray of paint pots. After wondering around last night for inspiration, Franc Grom popped up on the screen and wrecked the curve with his devotion, precision and beautifully crafted egg shells. It is hard to believe these delicate beauties have been hand drilled thousands of times by the Slovianina artist - without a chip in sight. To be fair though, he is creating egg art all year round, not like the rest of us hearty anual regulars, still... it would cut a dash on Arthur's Seat this Sunday... anyone got a spare dremmel?

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