Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Well, well, well.... Zena has done it again! Here is the perfect Bling Ring for February, if your feeling romantic, it's one heart, thunder struck by love in two halves... beating (Mr Phill Colins suggests) just as one......... awwwww. On the flip side, if your feeling a teensy weensy bit cynical, it is a broken heart, and given the size and weight of this bad boy, it could add a little sting to a heart breakers cheek... Hmmm best not encourage violence - this is the month of Valentine's Day after all, and happily be-coupled or flying solo, I think we should all just stick to spreading the love... I'll be wearing mine in gold on my pointing didget to wave at cute couples on Sunday... at only £14, I might even give a special someone a matching one in silver so we can play cupid in the park....

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mimilee said...

Hello! I was in The Red Door the last week of February and I somehow missed seeing that beautiful ring. If I had seen it I would have loved to purchase it. I am now home in America and I checked your online store but I did not see see the ring listed. Will it be going on the online store or can I order the ring some other way?

Thank you!