Friday, 12 February 2010

The gallery is feeling a bright shade of red today with Valentines just around the corner. Wonderful cards from Darling Clementine, sunlight on closed lids, Gemma Correll, Alison Hardcastle, Lisa Jones and Karoline Rerrie are all flying out, off to be penned (and perhaps sealed with a kiss).

We are particularly swooning over present and correct's giant button card (pictured below) for friends, family and other miscellaneous loved ones. Great for Valentines, perfect for all year through. It is made from recycled board and debossed with a design based on a vintage find. On the reverse, in white foil, it says 'You're as cute as a button." Each card (4.25") comes with a plain white envelope. Not recommended for giant coats or trousers.

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hellojenuine said...

i walked past the other night, display is looking beautiful!