Saturday, 16 January 2010

Well peeps... it's almost Saturday night! If you are lucky enough not to be working but still a little uncertain of your plans then fear not... Edinburgh Music Library on George IV Bridge is opening it's doors from 7 pm for a late night treat. Christian Ward has flexed his artistic fingers in the name of many an album cover you will know and love... and tonight at the closing party of The Link Exhibition you can bid for Eagle Girl in the (Librarian approved) Silent Auction. Christian Ward has also donated portraits of Picktish Trail and King Creasote... and yes I do mean donated... these shiny good people are giving all the profits to Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy In Scotland. Other multi talented donators include Ziggy Campbell, Tommy Perman, Jim Lambie and James Yorkston.
With all this good will and generosity, it feels like Christmas, but if your purse is a little shy of spending this month, you can make a small donation at the door, soak up the art and join in the party... in the spirit of generosity the Librarians are breaking all the old school rules by allowing Edinburgh's own FOUND to play a fully decibeled set... with some help from a few of their friends... Idon't know... Friendly Libraries and Off Season Christmas Spirit... durr... the youth of today!

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