Saturday, 21 March 2009

I think its time to introduce y'all to one of our favourite bands; FOUND, as they make their debut at the huge SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. Based in Edinburgh, this 5 piece 'Electro-Art-Glitch-Pop' group have been making waves all over the Europe over the last few years and steadily gaining a rather large following from fans all over the globe. Their self-released debut ‘Found Can Move’ earned them an impressive amount of UK national radio play, video clips on MTV Europe and an exclusive live session in the legendary ‘Beatles Studio’ at Abbey Road for US radio station U-Pop XM 29. These guys know how to make noise sound great and will be taking this unique sound to all the folk in SXSW and New York over this coming week. If you can't get to Austin (and lets face it, we would all love to be there) you will just have to check these guys out via their website, myspace or at one of their next live gigs (which cements their amazing abililty, as live shows from FOUND are legendary). Best of luck in Texas guys!

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