Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Gift Guide - Fun Stuff

Here are our last two gift guides for December. Hopefully these helped with those tough decisions. Remember - you can buy your Christmas gifts right now from our online shop. Makes battling the Christmas crowds easy. Merry Christmas everyone!

From left to right, top to bottom: Make-a-Monster kit £14, Gnome magic garden £3, London Make-a-City £3, Invitation pack £10, Sweet Stickers pack £3, Hole-on-Ex camera kit £14, 'What a Day' mug £13, Hug Card £4, Flatpets Kitten £10, Junk Food badge pack £4, Harry Hairy Head £44, Rain Cloud necklace £10, 'The Enormous Finger' book £4, Ships postcard sets £5.

Gift Guide - Prints

Artwork is such a lovely thing to recieve. It also doesnt have to cost the earth! Here is a few suggestions.

From left to right, top to bottom: 'Tea Time' £27, 'Ocean Outing' £160, 'Woodpecker Decor-a-Board' £20, '5 Buildings' £60, 'Love and Luck' £12, 'The Beds too Big' £220, 'Air Piracy' £250, 'Cowboys and Indians' £20, 'Herringbone' £60, 'Hamsters' £25, 'Little & Often' £25, 'Ive Been to Sea' £220, 'Forward Conquer' £350, 'Best Of' £25, 'Our Beautiful Dream' £150.

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