Sunday, 30 November 2008

Gift Guide - £10 and Under

With the first of December looming we are launching the first of many gift guides. Todays guide is for goodies £10 and under. These are all perfect for secret santas, stocking fillers and bargain hunters!

From left to right, top to bottom: Hug Card £4, Ooid Totes £9 each, Make-a-City London £3, Kate Sheridan Key Ring £5, Gemma Correll Badge Pack £4, Vintage Purse £10, Non-Planner diary £10, Bug Button £1, Soop ring £6.50, Flatpets Puppy £10, Matchstick Garden £1.50 each, Vintage Purse £10, Flatpets Kitten £10, With Love Badge £1.50, Coral Button £1, Important Notebook £6, Soop ring £6, Flower decoration £6. Happy Shopping!

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