Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I was reading an article in this weeks Sunday Times which sadly mentioned that the helpful tea cosy is soon to be a thing of the past. Boohoo.
I just want to say - I think tea cosies are great! They take me back to sitting around the coal range in my grandparents kitchen, choosing which tea cosy to use for that perfect afternoon tea. I my 8 year old mind, it was the tea cosy that transformed an average pot of tea into an amazing pot that matched perfectly with that piece of cake. A cosy that would make my grans friends oooh and ahhh following up with 'what a neat cosy that is'.
With winter approaching and the credit crunch threatening to stop us from boiling the jug a second time, maybe the cosy will be bought back to life. A little bit of warmth on a grey day!

Above is a selection of ones that take my fancy (especially the Donna Wilson black cat cosy).
Below are some special blasts from the past - first up is 'A Happy Thought' pattern for a tea cosy from a 1940s Womens Weekly and lastly, the cover of pattern book called 'Cushions and Cosies' which was published during WWII.

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