Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Alison Hardcastle 'So Far So Good'

Alison Hardcastle is an illustrator, designer, book artist and printmaker from York making handmade screenprinted books, cards, stationery, prints and contemporary paper-based products in her home-based studio print room.

Inspired by randon bits of text, idioms, phrases, mantras and mottos which pop into her head, plus colour, patterns and shapes, devised from things seen in day-to-day meanderings, Alison's work displays and combines bold patterns, hand drawn lettering and illustrative elements.

'So Far So Good' is a collection of screenprints and collages that gather together all of these inspirations, ideas and drawings which Alison scribbles in an assortment of notebooks. This will be her first solo exhibition with us at The Red Door which opens on Friday 26th September. We will be posting lots more about this exhibition in later posts so stay tuned.

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