Tuesday, 26 August 2008

We've gradually been building up quite a collection of ceramic goodies of late, so heres the pick of what caught my eye this afternoon.
The first image is the Duncan mug by Soop Design. The conception of the Duncan mug was a result of an MA project based on the perfect cup of tea. Each mug has a sweet suprise to look forward to, you'll find either a shortbread, jam sandwich or custard cream biscuit waiting for you at the bottom.
Annette Bugansky worked in costume and fashion design prior to creating these amazing porcelain vessels, they come in various bowl and vase shapes and have a fabric texture or a knit pattern, which results in a unique and original fusion of two separate disciplines.
Mememe draws inspiration from a huge range of sources including aspects of nature such as butterflies and clouds to religious ornaments and tacky objects, all the pieces fit together perfectly when on the front of a gorgeous ceramic bottle. The shapes make me think of a message in a bottle, and the skull bottle definitely had a bit of pirate chic about it.

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