Saturday, 2 August 2008

This morning a sweet postcard of a Highland cow and calf found its way to the Red Door from the lovely Miss Sarah who is lucky enough to be currently touring Scotland's northern wilderness.
It was a nice reminder that the humble pen and postage stamp is not redundant yet - and it's amazing how much a simple picture and a few words can brighten your day in a way that an email never could. It got me thinking about the postcards that used to decorate my family's fridge when I was a kid: sun-bleached and dog-earred snapshots of places with exotic names and landscapes. A quick search on the net delivered a wealth of kitsch old postcards, so I thought I'd share some here with you. Enjoy xx


Anonymous said...

Hello sarah,

I've tried to send you a mail but the mails in your web are not working...

what happened?


Joseph Rudi Pielichaty said...

These postcards are incredible! I love them. In a response aiming to be as kitsch as the postcards themselves, "They're swell!" Too true.