Tuesday, 12 August 2008

So the Edinburgh festival is currently in full swing, its been busy, wet and very happy times this week. A favourite show of late would definitely have to have been Camille O'Sullivan. Her show has the feeling of being a journey provoking a full spectrum of emotions from humour to despair, with lots in between, expertly guided by her slipping seamlessly from different characters ranging from burlesque seductress all the way to a bunny rabbit, hopping and all. In her performance you get a real feeling for her passion for words and stories, and it really makes every song come to life as she re-tells it in her own personal way, a highlight was Nick Caves 'The Ship song'. Anyway, if you are local (or not, she does tour internationally) see her if you can, shes charming , funny and generally great, you'll love it.

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