Thursday, 19 June 2008

For those of you based in Edinburgh, I am sure you are super excited about this years Edinburgh Film Festival. Here at The Red Door we have welcomed the festival move to June instead of hectic August. One film with we have jotted down as a must see is the hit of Sundance 'The Wackness; a hip, witty buddy comedy that follows its own rules', which shows on June 20th and 21st.

To promote this event, talented local design gurus 'Chorus Rising' are working on a massive canvas which depicts the New York skyline. They will be working away on this tomorrow (Friday 20th June) from 12.30-1.30pm in front of the Sheridan Hotel on Lothian Road.

All the fun begins from 1.30pm onwards when this canvas becomes open to the public to graffiti and tag. There will be a huge range of spray cans supplied by Plasti-Kote, so whether you are a seasoned tagger or someone wanting to express your inner artistic graffiti abilities then this is the event for you. There will be a bunch of local street artists with cans too, so its a great way to watch the pros at work and have a go yourself. Who said you need to be in New York to see some great street art!

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Nick McBride said...

I'm down in London and just can't get up for the Chorus Rising event, can you please do me a favour and post some pictures - it's sounds great.