Saturday, 5 April 2008

The super duo Iain and Vala from The Dandelion Project just popped into the shop to say hello. It feels like a lifetime since I had seen them last. They are as busy as always with Iain creating new drawings and Vala knitting and gocco printing bags and tees.

The Dandelion Project are based here in Iains home town of Edinburgh. Vala hails from the beautiful shores of Iceland which gives both of them inspiration on a daily basis. With backgrounds in photography for both Iains previous studies in graphic design in Edinburgh and Vala's craft skills inherited from Iceland, it seems natural to combine the skills and produce the varied work they do. From knitted cuffs and illustrated bags to limited edition prints and photographic projects, The Dandelion Project really are a well oiled production team who constantly produce great products.

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