Friday, 11 April 2008

I arrived back from my first trip from the amazing New York City just over a week ago. For those of you who have been to New York, you will understand its greatness, for those of you who haven't, start saving your pennies and get to what is one amazing city!

There is a lifetime of things to do in New York, one of which is shopping. I visited some amazing places and thought I would share just a sneak peek of a couple with you all. Enjoy x

FISHS EDDY - (photos above) with its odd but memorable name, is an amazing place to find a bargain, meaning I came out with way too many bags of goodies. Fishs Eddy’s specialise in American sturdyware, vintage dishware, flatware and glasses both new and recycled from restaurants, factories, overstocked corporations and out of business restaurants. This makes a really eclectic mix of products which keeps you rummaging for hours – I certainly did.

OHIO KNITTING MILLS -Stepping into the Ohio Knitting Mills shop in Brooklyn is like a viewing a glimpse of an era gone by. They showcase some amazing pieces of vintage clothing produced by the Ohio Knitting Mills from 1947-1974. This space is really unique and works perfectly with the rare collection of sweaters, scarves, vests, jackets, shirts and dresses which are all made with 100% Virginia wool as well as other fibre mixes. A great place to find a piece of unique vintage clothing made in Midwestern America.

DARR - was a fascinating shop due to its unusual yet fascinating inventory. This is the place to stumble upon taxidermy bears, deer and other animals, old signs, apothecary jars, busts and everything in between. You will find yourself wondering if this is a store or museum.

SLEEP - is a delightful store based around all the nice things that are associated with sleep. Bedding, candles, lingerie, jewellery and homewares help make up this lovely space.

BIRD - is a gorgeous shop based in Brooklyn which I stumbled upon one morning after a much needed coffee break. This beautifully fitted store focuses on women’s apparel, shoes, accessories and jewellery from emerging and established designers mainly from New York and Los Angeles, but also Paris, London and Japan. With some hard to find, fresh and very up to date pieces, this shop can do some serious damage on your credit card, but you will walk out looking all the better for it.

IN GOD WE TRUST - is one of those stores you walk into and wish was your living room. Stocking both men’s and women’s clothing and accessories amongst gorgeous antique finds this store sticks to the owner’s belief in “uniting the adventure, play, and fantasy of youth with grown-up ensembles that can be taken seriously.”

I could go on for days posting about all the great things that New York offers, but you will all just need to get there for yourselves. Have a great weekend. Sarah x

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