Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The reminiscing started sometime last week where hidden in among an endless landscape of inessential gadgets and dispensable contraptions of the electronic variety this little gem appeared, a memory stick tucked neatly away into the plastic shell of the fondly familiar cassette, clever. Complete with cover and insert, the little uniform sheet of paper, with its consistant dimensions, untouched by time bought back recollections of many hours spent laboriously collaging, stenciling, painting and squeezing biro titles into smaller and smaller spaces, in somewhat 'creative' directions as the lines ran out. Helping to recall the track by track listing of the 'holiday mix' the 'best of' and the 'to..... with love' with a bit of visual imput is an always popular, and a personal fave print by Hanna Melin entitled 'Best of' and one of our smart wee JDUCT wallets. This is a salute to the mixtape.

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